U. Art-Net 4 Node : UART / SPI / I2C

Download with instructions link

Open source for outputting to UART, SPI and I2C.

Use case: "Control a car using the OBD port. Sometimes during a car presentation show it would be nice to control the car lights when it's revealed"

There is an embedded TFTP server (disabled by default) for remotely storing the channel files.

The channel must be named: chlxxx.txt where xxx is [001..512]

Supported filesystem types:

  • FAT

  • FAT32(rev0.0)

  • exFAT(rev1.0)

Each channel has its own channel file. Each line in this file starts with the DMX value and then comma separated values for the output stream. Invalid lines are just ignored. When there are multiple lines with the same DMX value, then the last line is used.

A 'Hello world!' example:

cat /Volumes/FAT32/chl001.txt

127 72,101,108,108,111,13,10

200 87,111,114,108,100,33,13,10

When sending DMX value 127 to Channel 1, then "Hello\r\n" is outputted.

When sending DMX value 200 to Channel 1, then "World!\r\n" is outputted.

LLRP Device configuration

    • Port UDP : 5569

    • Multicast join Request :

    • Multicast Response :

RDM Device configuration

    • Manufacturer ID : 0x5000 [www.orangepi-dmx.org]

    • Root label : Showfile player

    • Product Category : 0x0801 [E120_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_DATA_DISTRIBUTION]

    • Product Detail : 0x0601 [E120_PRODUCT_DETAIL_ETHERNET_NODE]

Note: Currently there is a restriction for 64 output bytes per DMX value.