8. DMX Showfile Player

Download with instructions link

Open source framework for running a show from a file on the SDCard.

With the extentable framework, it is easy to implement any show file format. And to implement any protocol.

There is support for OSC commands including TouchOSC for controlling the embedded player.

When using the Art-Net protocol, then the ArtTrigger package can be used.

There is an embedded TFTP server (disabled by default) for remotely storing the show files.

The showfile must be named: showxx.txt where xx is [00..99]

Supported filesystem types:

  • FAT

  • FAT32(rev0.0)

  • exFAT(rev1.0)

Built-in file format:

Built-in protocols:

    • sACN E1.31 {default}

    • Art-Net

Synchronization is enabled by default. With the Art-Net protocol, there is an option not to use the ArtPoll and use ArtDmx broadcasting instead.

LLRP Device configuration

    • Port UDP : 5569

    • Multicast join Request :

    • Multicast Response :

RDM Device configuration

    • Manufacturer ID : 0x5000 [www.orangepi-dmx.org]

    • Root label : Showfile player

    • Product Category : 0x0801 [E120_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_DATA_DISTRIBUTION]

    • Product Detail : 0x0601 [E120_PRODUCT_DETAIL_ETHERNET_NODE]

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