Run-time UDP messages

Technical details:

    • UDP port : 10258 (0x2812)

    • Broadcast is supported.

    • There are no responses.

7seg!rgb#[i][RRGGBB] Set a colour RGB index from a hexadecimal string.

Where [i] is an index of a colour settings (0 being segments, 1 being colons, and 2 being messages), followed by RRGGBB as a hex string. Eg:

    • Set digit colour to RRed = 7seg!rgb#0FF0000

    • Set colon colour to GGreen = 7seg!rgb#100FF00

    • Set message colour to BBlue = 7seg!rgb#20000FF

7seg!showmsg#ASCIIabc Temporarily shows message 'ASCIIabc'.

Message should be no longer than the display length. The message appears at full intensity and fades out over 3 seconds. The message will appear in the colour specified by the message colour RGB index 2. Eg:

  • 7seg!showmsg#hi arjan

  • 7seg!showmsg#Stopped

UDP messages with the sample UI: