2. sACN E1.3 Bridge : DMX / Pixel Controller

Download with instructions link

    • Pixel Controller [Orange Pi Zero]

      • 1x 4 Universes {zip}

      • 4x 4 Universes {zip}

      • 8x 4 Universes {zip}

    • DMX Bridge Input / Output

      • 1 Ports {zip} {Orange Pi Zero}

      • 2 Ports {zip} {Orange Pi Zero}

      • 4 Ports {zip} {Orange Pi One}

    • Real-time Monitor 1 Universe {zip} {Orange Pi One - HDMI output}

Hardware :

Main features

Universe Synchronization

This standard allows a transport mechanism to synchronize streamed packets of data from single sources to multiple receivers over the ACN network.


For a given universe number (both ip-address and CID are examined), the receiver treats data from packets with the highest priority as the definitive data for that universe. When there are 2 sources with the priority, then the receiver goes in merge mode. There is a time-out for 10 seconds for detecting if the source with the highest priority is still sending. On time-out, a source with a lower priority takes precedence.

Sequence Numbering.

Having first received a packet with sequence number A, a second packet with sequence number B arrives. If B – A is less than or equal to 0, but greater than -20 then the packet containing sequence number B shall be deemed out of sequence and discarded.


When there are two resources with the same priority, then the receiver goes in merge mode. The default algorithm is - so-called Highest Takes Precedence (HTP) merging. There is a time-out for 10 seconds to quit merging mode when a source stop sending with the "Stream_Terminated" message.

Network Data Loss.

Network data loss condition is a condition that is defined as either the absence of reception of E1.31 packets from a given source for a period of 2.5 seconds or the receipt of a packet containing the Options field, bit 6 set to value of 1.


Preview Data: Bit 7 : This bit, when set to 1, indicates that the data in this packet is intended for use in visualization or media server preview applications and shall not be used to generate live output.

Stream Terminated: Bit 6 : When set to 1, this bit indicates that the source of the data for the universe specified in this packet has terminated transmission of that universe. Three packets containing this bit set to 1 shall be sent by transmitters upon terminating sourcing of a universe. Upon receipt of a packet containing this bit set to a value of 1, a receiver shall enter network data loss condition. Any property values in these packets shall be ignored.

Force Synchronization: Bit 5 : When set to 0, components that had been operating in a synchronized state shall not update with any new packets until synchronization resumes. When set to 1, once synchronization has been lost, components that had been operating in a synchronized state need