Run-time OSC messages

Technical details:
  • UDP port default : 8000 (0x1F40). See configuration show.txt
  • There are responses
  • Broadcast is supported
Prefix : /showfile/

 start  Start the selected showfile
  Stops the current running showfile
 resume  Resume the previous stopped showfile
 show i
  Selects a showfile. Valid values [0 .. 99]
 loop i
  i = 1 enables looping of the showfile. i = 0 disables looping of the showfile.
 blackout Sending this command execute a full blackout for all active universes.
 master Master brightness. Valid values [1 .. 255] 
 tftp i
 i = 1 enables the TFTP Client, i = 1 disables the TFTP Client.
 delete i
 Deletes a showfile from the SDCard. Valid values [0 .. 99]

TouchOSC specific

 reload Sends a maximum of 20 showfile entries > /showfile/%d/show/%.2d
 index f
Selects the showfile from the received reload entries