9. LTC SMPTE Timecode Reader / Converter / Generator

Download :

 Supported input protocols:

Supported output protocols:
  • SMPTE LTC (differential output)
  • MIDI
  • AppleMIDI / RTP-MIDI
  • Art-Net
  • NTP v3 (Server)

Supported display output:

  • OLED display 128 x 64 SSD1306 I2C  (auto-detect)
  • LCD 16x2 I2C (auto-detect)
  • LCD 16x4 I2C (auto-detect)
  • MAX7219 8x 7-Segment display
  • MAX7219 4x Dot matrix module (2 pcs needed).
  • 2-digits 7-segment
  • WS28xx 7-segment
Note 1. TCNet Master will be implemented shortly after the new ShowKontrol release.

The balanced LTC output (not buffered) can be found on the single row header (LINEOUTL/LINEOUTR).